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Forskning om kvinnor i styrelser.


Forskning om kvinnor i styrelser är inte speicellt omfattande men jag har upptäckt ett projekt där man studerat förhållandet mellan antalet kvinnor och män i styrelser. Forskningen "Critical Mass on Corporate Boards: Why Three or More Women Enhance Governance, Sumro Erkut, Ph.D"

har kommit fram till följande slutsatser:

"Women bring a collaborative leadership style that benefits boardroom dynamics by increasing the amount of listening, social support, and winwin problem-solving"

 ” Women also bring new issues and perspectives to the table, broadening the content of boardroom discussions to include the perspectives of multiple stakeholders. Women of color add perspectives that broaden boardroom discussions even further.

"One woman serving on a board can make a positive contribution. Having two women is generally an improvement, but corporations with three or more women on their boards tend to benefit most from women’s contributions. Three women normalize women directors’ presence, allowing women to speak and contribute more freely and men to listen with more open minds. As one woman director we interviewed summarized it, “One woman is the invisibility phase; two women is the conspiracy phase; three women is mainstream.”

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2022-02-24 20:07:31 - James ,,

Women bring a collaborative leadership style that benefits boardroom dynamics <a href="">dr.weymin hago</a>
by increasing the amount of listening, social support, and winwin problem-solving

2022-09-17 08:06:39 - AhmedMalik,

Having two women is generally an improvement, but corporations with three or more women on their boards tend to benefit most from women’s contributions.

2022-10-25 09:28:11 - alliumthroughout,

Simply having one woman on a board may have a significant impact. Having two women on a board is a step in the right direction, but companies with three or more women get the greatest return on investment from their efforts to diversify their leadership. The presence of three women normalizes female directors, enabling men to listen more objectively and women to talk more confidently and openly. According to one female filmmaker we spoke with, "one woman represents the invisibility phase, two women are the conspiracy phase, and three women are mainstream."

2022-10-27 03:29:25 - herrylauu,

Malin demonstrates in the paper how a board's makeup influences a company's effectiveness.

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2022-11-25 08:09:54 - lorde,

Andelen kvinnor i de största svenska bolagsstyrelserna har mer än ... de länder i EU som har högst andel kvinnor i börsbolagens styrelser.

2022-12-16 02:35:47 - Oliver Gray,

Sammantaget fann studien att det saknas forskning om förhållandet mellan kvinnor och män i styrelser, men den visar att det finns en skillnad i antalet kvinnor som utses till styrelser.

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2023-04-20 03:21:11 - Emma Orabelle,

En av de främsta fördelarna med att ha fler kvinnor i styrelserna är att de kan bidra med en mer samarbetsinriktad ledarskapsstil som gynnar styrelserummets dynamik genom att öka lyhördheten, det sociala stödet och lösningsfokuserade samarbeten.

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Det är intressant att se att forskningen om kvinnor i styrelser fortfarande är relativt begränsad, men det verkar finnas värdefulla insikter från studien "Critical Mass on Corporate Boards: Why Three or More Women Enhance Governance" av Sumro Erkut, Ph.D.

2023-08-02 08:34:39 - geometrydashfree

En viktig observation är att kvinnor också tillför nya frågor och perspektiv till diskussionerna i styrelserummet, vilket breddar innehållet och inkluderar synvinklar från olika intressenter.

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The presence of women on corporate boards helps strategic decision-making by encouraging corporations to consider a broader range of possibilities. Female representation on corporate boards of directors leads to improved firm performance.

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